Even if Cardi B never made another hit, she could still walk away knowing that she has secured her name in hip hop history.

Who knew the loud but funny Instagram chick turned reality tv star, would end up becoming the hottest rapper out right now? People who go on Love and Hip Hop are typically trying to revive their music careers, or attempting to start one. However, no one had ever really walked away from the show with starting a real prosperous music career, well until Cardi B showed up.

Cardi’s story is truly a rags to riches, underdog kind of story, and the world love those.

Recently, Cardi B has made history once again by becoming the first artist to have her first five chart entries be in the Hot R&B/ Hip-Hop Song Chart’s top 10.

With this new record, she even surpassed Beyonce, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar.

Some people may not get all the Cardi hype, but you have to give the girl her props. She’s definitely out here winning. “Hate it or love it, the underdog’s on top”.