Cardi B is a very interesting woman. She started out simply uploading random videos via Instagram where she talked about whatever came to her mind. Her “unfiltered” personality can be problematic at times, but it’s also one of the things that has helped propel her career. After appearing on a season of Love and Hip Hop, Cardi B’s fan base grew. Even more people wanted to know who she was and where did she come from.


Cardi B has used her newly found fame and taken it way beyond the allotted 15 mins. She’s expanding her platform and making her own pathway in the music industry.  Once you get past her outrageous antics, she’s actually pretty talented.


She just may be what Nicki Minaj was before the pop songs. Cardi B’s single Bodak Yellow is smashing the charts. It’s become the summer anthem and anywhere there’s a DJ, you are bound to hear the track at least once and the room goes crazy every time.

Bodak Yellow has made Billboard’s Top 10 R&B and Hip-Hop Chart. She’s getting more and more buzz as the next top female MC in the game. Will she sustain or did she just get lucky with this single? Guess time will tell.