Chance the Rapper is like Hip Hop’s Robin Hood.

Many talk about supporting and giving back to the community, but how many actually follow through?

Chance the Rapper is giving back to his community in a major way. A few months ago, he gave  $1 million to Chicago Public Schools. Now he’s back at it again with $2.2 million dollars raised for the New Chance Fund. The money will fund art programs in 20 Chicago schools.

Not only is he one hell of a rapper, but he seems pretty cool. Plus, he is involved in making his hometown a better place by creating opportunities for others to thrive.

Chance held a press conference via Periscope to announce the donation and he did it in a very creative way. He took an outfit out of Steve Job’s closet and had an onstage presentation where he discussed the charity Social Works and the New Chance Fund.

You can check out the full video below.