Chance The Rapper Release Freestyle About His Girlfriend For #SoGoneChallenge

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There’s a #SoGoneChallenge circulating the internet. The challenge basically allows artists to spit their best freestyles over the instrumental for So Gone, a song by r&b recording artist Monica, from off her 2003 After the Storm album.

The Chi-Town rhymer, Chance The Rapper decided to get in on the challenge with an entire freestyle about his girlfriend, who was also filming the video. Although it’s all fun and games for the challenge, Chance definitely gives us some cool bars. Since the release of his album Coloring Book, Chance The Rapper hasn’t stopped proven to us why he is possibly one of the best rappers out right now.



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The #SoGoneChallenge has gotten the attention of a lot of underground music artists as well. You can search the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to see footage of people’s spitting their freestyles over the So Gone instrumental. So far, we think Chance The Rapper is winning with the serenading freestyle to his girl, but more people are bound to participate, especially since Chance’s video has gone viral. This should be interesting.

written by Chandra Meadows for POP ATL