Desiigner Freestyles Over ‘Addams Family’ theme Song Instrumental [Watch]


This past weekend people celebrated Halloween. The time of year when you can literally be anything or anyone you want to be, no matter how bizarre or inappropriate it may be (disclaimer: well anything aside from cultural appropriation).

Even adults get to dress up and be childish without getting the side eye. Halloween is the freakish night of parties full of weirdos, outrageous costumes, and tons of fun with family, friends, and even co-workers. It’s the perfect time and excuse to just be completely ridiculous without judgment.

The rapper Desiigner decided he wanted to celebrate this spooky time of the year a little differently, he decided to give us a freestyle over the iconic Addams Family theme song beat.

Addams Family is a pretty classic show and movie, if you have never watched an episode or seen the movie, it’s definitely worth a watch. In the meantime, check out Desiigner’s freestyle below. We wonder what Morticia and Gomez would think of his freestyle?