Drake and Eminem Stop Rumors of Any Alleged “Beef”

(photo via cnn.com)

Fans want beefs between their favs so bad.

Rumors of a beef between 29-year-old Drake and 43-year-old Eminem took over the rumor mill, as fans chose sides and defended the honor of whichever rapper they felt reigned supreme.

It all started with the rumor of a potential diss track about Drake from Eminem, which was announced by Joe Budden. With the help of Hot 97’s DJ Ebro’s speculation of a beef between the two being blasted across airwaves, along with a lot of “he said this and he said that” instigations from the blogs, the internet took the spark and made fire.

The fans were gearing up for a rap battle between the rappers and were placing their bets on who the loser and winner would be. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we will get the rap battle we were preparing for, Drake squashed all rumors of a beef by bringing Eminem out as a guest performer during his Summer Sixteen Show in Detroit. He even said Eminem was the “greatest rapper to ever get on a microphone” after his performance.

So everyone can calm down now, there’s nothing to see here. Drake and Eminem clearly aren’t beefing and they made sure to set the record straight. The rumor mill just got a little carried away with this one.

However, if there really was a beef and a rap battled ensued, who do you think would win?!

written by Chandra Meadows for POP ATL