[Fashion News] Kanye West Joins Balmain’s ‘Music Meets Fashion’ Campaign


Kanye West has pretty much let us all know how serious he is about making a huge impact in the fashion world. He seems set on leaving his imprint within the fashion industry just as he has within the music industry.

Balmain and Ye aren’t strangers to each other by any means, dealing with Balmain is basically a rite of passage for being a part of the Kardashian family. So once again, a collaboration has ensued, but this time, it’s more West and less Kardashian. Kanye appeared in the first official ad release for Balmain’s latest fashion campaign alongside supermodel Joan Smalls. A video visual teaser captioned ‘BE READY’ was also released on Balmain’s Instagram account to support the campaign.

This is a great move for Kanye and his plan to “take over the industry”. He’s plugging himself in with all the high fashion elites. Even his epic deal with Adidas was a good and rather fashionable power play for Mr. West.

Balmain’s ‘Music Meets Fashion’ theme is perfect for everything Kanye represents. Perhaps Ye is one step closer to being the face showcased across the stylish board of high end fashion?

Check out the video teaser  here.

written by Chandra Meadows for POP ATL