Frank Ocean Comes Out of Hiding with ‘Endless’ Visual Album Stream

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We have all been awaiting the return of the guy who gave us Channel Orange back in 2012. Frank Ocean has been playing with everyone’s emotions with his disappearing act.

He came, gave us a masterpiece, and vanished into thin air.

This has left people around the world asking “Where in the world is Frank Ocean?”

Fortunately, 2016 is the year for the return of the artist known as Frank Ocean. He recently resurfaced with a new album called Endless. The stream appeared on on Thursday (August 18th).

Endless is a 45-minute visual album that features James Blake, Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood, Sampha, Jazmine Sullivan, and Arca.

New York Times reported earlier this year that Frank Ocean would be releasing the album Boys Don’t Cry this year, while he has yet to deliver that album, Endless is something cool to hold us over while we wait. It is also being said that we may be getting the official album this weekend, but it will no longer be called  Boys Don’t Cry. Since this is Frank Ocean we are dealing with, this album may or may not see the light of day as soon as we would like. However, with this latest release, it could be an indication that Frank is in the mood to give us music again. Thank you music gods.

Endless is currently being streamed exclusively via Apple Music.