(photo cred: billboard.com)

Gucci hasn’t left our radar since his release from prison. He has made sure to stay relevant and fresh on everyone’s minds, and between Snapchat and his album drop, we would say he’s doing a pretty good job.

On July 22, Gucci Mane not only released Everybody Looking, the first album since he received his freedom papers, but he also put on a huge homecoming show in Atlanta at the Fox’s Theatre. Gucci took the stage with a few of today’s heavyweights, from Drake to 2 Chainz and Future. And if you weren’t able to get tickets to get the Gucci experience in person, the show was live streamed on REVOLT TV.

Check out some of the show below, and definitely be sure to check out Gucci’s album. Everybody Looking is already receiving “thumbs up” reviews. Looks like Gucci is still having the best year ever and he definitely deserves it. And of course, our Welcome Home Gucci tees are still available to purchase here (yes, it’s a shameless plug).

Gucci & Friends Homecoming Show:

Gucci & Friends Homecoming Show:

Everybody Looking album stream: