[Watch] Jidenna Debuts ‘The Chief’ Album And New Music Video

Jidenna has been on the music scene for a couple years now, and he has wow’d us from the beginning. From his stylish wardrobe to his dope musical taste, he’s definitely proven to us all that he is a classic man.

If you aren’t a fan of Jidenna, you must not be a fan of good music. After random single releases and features, he’s finally given us a whole project.

The Chief album debuted in February.

The African culture influenced album is a pretty good body of work, especially for a debut album. The album pretty much covers all the musical elements. There’s something you can dance to, something you can get hype to, something you can groove to, and something you can just vibe out to.

iIts 14-tracks of musical greatness. Jidenna also released a music video for the song Bambi and in typical Jidenna form, it’s melodic, classy, and groovy as he sing about love, infidelity, and heartbreak.

You can listen to The Chief album on your preferred streaming service and you can check out the video for Bambi below.