Is Papoose Coming Back Into The Rap Game Signed With MMG?

(via ambrosia4heads)

Before Papoose was known as Remy Ma’s man, and way before he was on Love and Hip Hop, Papoose was known on the underground rap scene as a dope lyricist. However, Papoose never made any real noise in mainstream hip hop.

Recently, there’s been rumors circulating that Papoose may be signing with Rick Ross and his Maybach Music Group Record Label.

Although the news hasn’t been officially confirmed, Papoose definitely says, “This summer, I’m only ridin’ in convertibles, son/I’m signed to MMG, money, murder and guns” on the Back on My Bullshit remix.

If this news is legit, Papoose just may be getting another chance at breaking into the mainstream hip hop arena. This would be a very good look for his music career, especially since he seems to be way more marketable now than he was back in the day.

We can be sure to get official word from MMG soon, until then, check out the Back on My Bullshit remix below.