J.I.D Of Spillage Village Signs With J. Cole’s Dreamville Label

(via xxlmag)

J.I.D is an East Atlanta rapper from the Spillage Village Collective. He’s been on tour with Bas, Ab-Soul, and EarthGang, and now he’s diving deep into his music career by signing with J. Cole’s label Dreamville.

A video was recently released on Dreamville’s Official YouTube account of J.I.D and J. Cole riding down the street in J.I.D’s Pontiac. The brief 2-minute video was a cool way to present the news.

Atlanta’s music scene has become somewhat overly saturated with trap music, so it’s cool to see other flows of Atlanta rap being recognized. So often Atlanta rappers are placed in boxes, as if there’s only one universal sound that can be produced from the city. J.I.D definitely represents another side of Atlanta sound wise, one that is lyrical and something you can ride to.

So let’s see what J.I.D will do with this door that has been opened for him.

The Never Story, his first project as an official Dreamville artist, is set to be released soon.