(photo cred: thefader.com)

Keep Sailing, a 14-minute film/documentary directed by Petra Collins and produced by The FADER.

Atlanta, Ga rapper Lil Yachty gets personal with his fans and gives a little insight on how he ended up pursuing his music career full time.

The film addresses Lil Yachty’s college experience and how his peers basically laughed him out of school because of his attention grabbing hair. He hoped on a plane, left school, and never looked back. The moment he realized he didn’t want to have a “regular life”, is the moment his life changed. He wanted to “be rich, to be a celebrity, to be famous and known.” He wanted to be able to have his hair and have people get excited about it and not make fun of it.  

Some key points to take away from Keep Sailing:

-Lil Yachty believed in himself and that played a huge role in his rise to fame.

-He cares a lot about his friends and has no problem putting them on as well.

-He stayed true to himself no matter what, even when everyone else laughed at him.

-He really doesn’t care what anyone else thinks when it comes to his vision.

“Keep on sailing. Never give up.” –Lil Yachty   

written by Chandra Meadows for POP ATL 

Check out the film below: