Kevin Gates ended up behind bars during a pivotal moment in his career. His music and social media platforms were definitely receiving a lot of attention before he was sentenced.

Fortunately for Gates, he will be getting out of jail way earlier than originally expected. According to reports, he will be released this Wednesday (Jan. 10).

It can be difficult for some artists to get back on the scene after spending time away from it. Every day there’s a new song, video, and artist to watch. So, it’s very easy to be forgotten in the music industry. However, Gates seem to already have a game plan to pick back up like he never left.

His lawyer recently spoke with TMZ, and mentioned that Gates will be using his time to give back to the community by helping at-risk teens avoid going down his same path.

Now, this could all be a publicity stunt, but if he truly is serious about helping these troubled teens, that’s great news.

Hopefully, he won’t find himself back in jail and he will be truly devoted to giving back.