Killer Mike and Big Boi Team Up For Joint Project

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We may not be getting any classic Outkast tracks from Big Boi and Andre 3000 anytime soon, but it appears we will be getting a pretty cool collaboration, at least out of Big Boi.

He’s decided to team up with Killer Mike on a collaborative project.

During a recent interview with SPIN Magazine Big Boi stated:

“Wait until you hear this new s**t. Killer Mike is busy as hell. I mean, he’ll come straight from the airport and go into the studio and bust on two or three records and come back again the next day. We’re just trying to put as many ideas out there as possible. And me and Killer Mike, we’re gonna put out a little EP after I put out my next solo record or something like that. We’ve been entertaining the idea for a long time and finally got enough songs to where we just said the other night that we’re gonna do it. You getting a scoop there.”

So according to Big Boi himself, not only can we expect a joint project from him and Killer Mike, but we can also expect a new solo album from him as well.

The official release date has yet to be released for either project, but it’s definitely good to know some good music is on the way. It’s time for Atlanta’s legends to show these newbies how it’s done.


written by Chandra Meadows of POP ATL