[LISTEN] J.I.D’s The Never Story

A couple weeks ago, we reported the news of J.I.D signing with J.Cole’s label Dreamville.

The East Atlanta rapper is finally getting the shine he has earned. Rappers from Atlanta are still pretty much stereotyped. For some reason, people try to group all rappers from the A into the same box. It’s refreshing to see J.I.D remind us that Atlanta is filled with so much diverse talent.

J.I.D isn’t a “trap” rapper. Yes, he makes music you can definitely ride to but he’s super lyrical too. He’s a storyteller.

Recently, J.I.D’s debut album The Never Story was released. If you are into good music and want to support a good artist, check out this album.

This is the beginning of something great for the Atlanta native.

Check out The Never Story below. Let us know what you think.