[LISTEN] Rick Ross - Rather You Than Me Album

You may have seen Rick Ross’ name on a couple headlines lately. He recently released his 9th studio album Rather You Than Me. This album is the follow-up to his 2015 release of Black Market.

Ross first announced the album release during the American Music Awards in November of 2016. Since the announcement, fans have been awaiting its arrival.

One track in particular has been getting a lot of attention. Idols Become Rivals is the 3rd track on the album and it features legendary comedian Chris Rock on the intro.

Ross’ lyrics seem to be aimed at Birdman, the producer/rapper/co-founder of Cash Money Records. Apparently, rap beefs are on the menu for 2017.

Ross said a lot, but the lyrics definitely seemed to come more from a hurt place than a vindictive one.

Ross also wrote an open letter where he gave more insight about the new album:

“This album is more than just another project for me. It’s a product of strength, perseverance, and determination. Rather You Than Me is a testimony. My testimony, and if you a real ni--a, no matter where you from, you can relate to this”.

Have you heard the Rather You Than Me album?

Check it below.