No, My Name is Jeffery Album Cover: Did Young Thug Take It Too Far?

(images via @thuggerthugger1 IG)

Rapper Young Thug is pretty much known for his out of the box antics. He has defied the image associated with what a rapper with his background is supposed to look and act like. In fact, this very thing is probably the main reason he rose to fame as quickly as he did.

His fans love it of course, he’s the posterchild for this new wave of “rap” that’s surfaced for the younger generation. However, the critics sing a different song, depending on who you talk to, you may just get that Young Thug represents everything currently wrong with hip hop.

The cover for Young Thug’s newest album No, My Name Is Jeffery, has gotten mixed reviews. The cover shows the rapper posing in a dress, a pretty detailed piece by fashion designer Alessandro Trincone.

All the conversations sparked surrounding the cover is great press for the designer but maybe not so much for Young Thug and the hip hop community.

This isn’t really a surprise coming from Young Thugga but the cover is still shocking. Some are saying it’s no different from what the music artists did in the 70’s/80’s. During the Rock N’ Roll era, men definitely dressed more feminine. It was all about being flashy, with platform shoes, pleather jackets, and lots of fringes and sparkle. It wasn’t necessarily the best era for hip hop fashions. So is Young Thug channeling his inner Prince or Milli Vanilli? Is he doing this all in the name of art and self- expression? Or is he just being completely ridiculous for shock value?  

What are your thoughts on the No, My Name is Jeffery Album Cover?