President Obama Drops Summer Music Playlist

Welcome to 2016, where the President of The United States of America drops his very own summer playlist.

Well, this isn’t actually Obama’s first time dropping a playlist, but it’s the first time the list has actually been interesting, maybe he’s trying to go out with a bang for his last term?

He recently tweeted:

“Been waiting to drop this summer playlist, the encore. That’s everybody listening to?” and he attached a list of the songs on his daytime and nighttime playlists to the tweet.

So what does President Barack Obama listen to when he’s not running the country?

(images via Twitter)

Okay Mr. President, we aren’t mad at you at all. Obama is definitely showing us he can mix it up. There are some good, unexpected songs that made his playlist. He covered everything from Neo-soul to Rock to Hip Hop. Although summer is almost coming to an end, a good summer playlist is just essential. It’s cool to know what our President has been listening to this summer. What’s on your summer music playlists?

written by Chandra Meadows for POP ATL