Rapper Jim Jones Signs Management Deal With Roc Nation

(via bet.com)

Jay Z is known for his flawless execution of the strategic business moves he continues to make. Lately, he’s been signing his former “foes” to Roc Nation. First it was Fat Joe, The Lox, and now its Dipset rap artist Jim Jones. So what is up with Jay’s recent interest in making deals with rappers he’s had beef with over the years?

Perhaps, he’s simply had a change of heart and have decided to not let his personal issues get in the way of his business?

Jim Jones last run with being in the spotlight was probably when he appeared on Love & Hip Hop New York, which was followed by the Chrissy & Mr. Jones docuseries. It’s pretty apparent Jones is attempting to revive his career in some capacity.

Maybe this deal with Roc Nation will be exactly what Jones need to get back in the game. It also seems Jay Z may be cooking up something on his own, guess we will all know what that is soon enough.