Solange Knowles Takes A Seat At The Table With New Album

(via Twitter)

Solange hasn’t released a new album since she released True back in 2012. She has made it known from the beginning that she had no intention in being her sister’s shadow, and has been pretty successful at representing own uniqueness and individuality in her sense of style, music, and even in her quirky personality.

A Seat At The Table is Solange’s new studio album and will debut tomorrow (Sept. 30).

There are a few unexpected collaborations on the album like Lil Wayne but other features include; The Dream, Q-tip, Kelela, Bj The Chicago Kid, and Kelly Rowland which may be a little closer to Solange’s style of music.


According to Knowles, it’s her “most proud body of work”. Perhaps, we will get to experience a new layer of the eccentric artist with this album?

A Seat At The Table will definitely be worth at least checking out, especially since Solange hasn’t really released anything in 4 years, there’s bound to be a lot of creative growth and personal evolution presented in this new project.

2016 has definitely been the year for emerging artists and for artists who have been in the game to bring forth new music. Apparently everyone has been bit by the music bug this year and we are here for it.

There is also a digital book of poetry to go along with the album that has been released on, so check that out as well.

written by Chandra Meadows for  POP ATL