T.I. Uses We Will Not Video To Take A Stand Against Police Brutality (WATCH)

(via cnn.com)

Atlanta rapper Clifford Harris, or as we all know him, T.I. has released a new video called We Will Not that shines light on police brutality.

T.I. isn’t someone who has actively painted himself out to be an activist but he has become more conscious since his “rubber band man” days. In fact, his rapport with speaking out on certain issues seem to be pretty constant this year, earlier this year, he released a video for the song War Zone that shows police brutality though a different lens. He switch the perspective and displays it as an issue for white America and their communities. You can view the actual video on Tidal but check out the audio below:

We Will Not continues the theme by showing photographs of different images of people protesting police brutality and the war on people of color that plagues society today.

It’s cool to see T.I. express himself and his views on the current state of society though his music. The songs also show that he isn’t just a “trap rapper” from Atlanta. We have witnessed T.I.’s evolution musically and it’s been such an amazing journey to watch.

It’s also good to see someone like him speaking out against the injustice, which could inspire others to do the same.

written by Chandra Meadows of POP ATL