TDE’s SZA “Quits” Music?


25-year-old singer/songwriter SZA has always pretty much kept a low profile but that didn’t keep people from noticing how noticeable she was.

Her voice is her voice, there’s a very rare chance you will ever come across someone who sounds like her. As the only woman apart of the TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) movement, she has held her own plus more. SZA has collaborated with Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper, Ab-Soul, Wale, School Boy Q, A$AP Ferg, Willow Smith and even Rihanna. She’s released three music projects so far, and announced earlier this year that she would be releasing a fourth project titled A.

However, she has left all of her fans wondering what is going on with her and her music career due to a weird tweet she sent out about a week ago on Oct. 3rd that said:

I actually quit . @iamstillpunch can release my album if he ever feels like it.

Y'all be blessed.

The tweet has since been deleted.

TDE’s co-president Terrence Henderson (@Iamstillpunch) responded with “Lol” and a photo of The Joker. SZA hasn’t tweeted anything since her “I Quit” tweet and while SZA isn’t really known for publicity stunts, could this all be a part of some plan to promote the album? Who knows?

If there’s any truth to SZA quitting, it would be a very sad time for the music industry, well for those who actually appreciate good music. SZA is one of the few artists who have made it to mainstream and not been watered down. She’s as authentic as it gets.

We will definitely keep you guys updated as this story continues to develop.