The Exclusive Release of Jay Z’s 4:44


Anytime Jay Z’s name is connected to anything, it instantly becomes a big deal. Being the mogul that he is, everything he does is strategic and exclusive. His business moves are admiral but it's the music that continues to cause the masses to react. If you are a Jay Z fan, you are always waiting for new music to drop.

You never know when Jay will release music. It always come so randomly.

Before the release of 4:44, we didn’t really know if we would be getting a new album or a new business venture, we soon found out it was the former.

4:44 has naturally sent the internet into a frenzy. The new Jay Z album has been exclusively released to those with Tidal subscriptions and Verizon phone service.

With only three features, 4:44 is filled truths about the industry, this system, and a few personal revelations. 4:44 is probably Jay Z’s most socially conscious albums to date. Every single track is a gem. The album is 36 minutes of  head nods and eargasms.

If you don’t already have a Tidal subscription, it would probably be wise to subscribe.