Trey Songz Attempts To Look For Love With New VH1 Reality Show

Trey Songz hasn’t really been headlining in the music world like he used to, however, recently he has jumped back in the headlines but for a completely different reason. He’s now looking for love.

Tremaine the Playboy is the name of the new VH1 series starring Trey Songz and 17 women. For years, Songz has been seen as a “sex symbol”, so it’s pretty interesting to see that he’s attempting to find love. As we know, reality shows can get pretty messy. They can also seem scripted. Most celebs end up on reality shows when they are trying to revitalize their careers, or get back into that space of fame. So this could definitely be a PR move to get us all talking about Trey Songz again. VH1 recently released a preview for Tremaine the Playboy and from the little over 2-minute trailer, the show already seems like it is going to be super outrageous. The trailer almost looks like one of Trey Songz’s music videos.

Songz may or may not actually be trying to find true love, but you will surely be thoroughly entertained while watching his journey to finding it. If you are into reality shows, check it out. Draya Michelle and Steelo Brim will be hosting the show, and VH1 are doing thingvs a little differently by making it a web series.

An official release date for Tremaine the Playboy has not been released.

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