The apple obviously doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

Drake has been topping the charts since he has stepped onto the music scene.

His talent is undeniable, even if you aren’t really a Drake fan. Over the years Drake has become less of rapper and more of a R&B type of artist. He has definitely lost and gained fans because of this.

However, it seems the R&B vibes may have been there all along. Dennis Graham, better known as Drake’s dad, has released a music video for his 2016 single Kinda Crazy.

The excess fog and throne may be a bit much but the song itself is really not that bad. In fact, the song is actually pretty good. It gives you an old school kind of vibe but in a good way.

Could Drake’s dad be coming for Drake’s spot soon?

If you haven’t checked out the song and video, check it out below.

Mr. Dennis Graham just may be music playlist worthy.