[WATCH] Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Performance Disaster In Times Square

(via Vulture.com)

Mariah Carey is internationally known as one of the top-selling recording artists of all time. She has earned so much respect from the entertainment industry by leaving her trailblazing mark in the world of music.

However, Carey may have brought her new year in on a bad note or two…literally.

During her New Year’s Eve performance in Times Square, she just couldn’t catch a break. She stated at the beginning of her performance that there had not been a “proper sound check”, perhaps that was her forewarning of the disastrous performance?

Mariah Carey was set to sing Emotions and her very popular song We Belong Together, but the sound malfunctions continued. Unfortunately, it was revealed that Carey may have actually been attempting to lip sync on one of her songs. She finally left the stage appearing annoyed and embarrassed.

Now we all know Mariah Carey can blow. She’s definitely rightfully earned her place as one of the top singers of our time, but even the greats have “off” nights right?

Check out the recording of the performance below.