(WATCH) Nas and Erykah Badu Performs ‘This Bitter Land’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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This Land is a movie set in Cleveland, Ohio that follows the lives of four boys, with plans to dedicate their entire summer to skating and escaping the realities of the “street life” but things end up going a little differently than they initially planned.

Executive produced by Nas, This Land was released earlier this year on July 29th. The soundtrack for the film is something worth mentioning as well, especially considering the artists featured on it.

One collaboration in particular was Nas and Erykah Badu’s collaborative efforts on a track called This Bitter Land. Both artists showed us exactly why they are legends in hip hop and within the music industry in general.

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Recently, Badu and Nas appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and gave a dope on stage performance for This Bitter Land. Check it out below: