(via fortune.com)

Donald Trump hasn’t officially been president for a full week yet, and he’s already making massive changes to laws and policies that will greatly impact us as citizens of the United States of America. While all the jokes about his orange complexion and his nonnative toupee are pretty hilarious, we must not forget that he is someone we should be taking very seriously. If you aren’t into politics, or have decided to not stay up-to-date on what’s happening, it would be unwise for you to stay ignorant on the matter. Not saying we should panic or even fear Trump, this is to say that we should be aware and prepared just in case things start to go even further left. Trump being elected president let us see America for what it truly is, which is a big corporation ran by those with greed, power, and money.


America isn’t upholding its narrative of being “for the people”. America consistently falls short when it comes to representing all people, the system seem to be designed for only a certain type of person to thrive within. This has been a reoccurring theme within it's history, which is why we must stop it from repeating. You don’t have to go out there and march, or get all political, but just pay attention to the changes being made. 


Here’s 4 reasons why we should be paying attention to the moves Donald Trump is currently making:


1. He’s Donald Trump. From his rap sheet up until this point, there’s been nothing that has backed up him possibly being a fair and just man. He’s a self-serving businessman who loves making money. Anything outside of that, probably won’t get much of his attention and anything taking away from that, will probably be put to an end.


2. His own wife doesn’t even seem to like him. Have you seen Melania Trump lately? Her body language and facial expressions have been telling whole stories on their own. It doesn’t even seem they are even together for real, and if they are, their relationship seem to be very cold and unmoving. Something’s definitely up with their public interaction.


3. He’s already gotten away with so many things. From sexual assault allegations to shady business deals. It’s clear that he’s obviously pulling some kind of strings, or have friends in very high places for him to be able to have so much controversy attached to his name, yet still be elected as president of the United States in the midst of it.


4. He’s changing major laws and policies at an alarming rate. Within a very short period of time he’s signed papers to resume construction of the Dakota pipeline, repealed Obamacare, suspended the cut in FHA mortgage loan insurance, and now he’s talking about building a wall. Yes, a wall.


Trump seem to be very serious about doing everything he spoke about doing during his campaign. He’s making America great again for those just like him and this is definitely something to pay attention to.