The late 90’s to early 00’s will always be one of the best eras for all things, from music to the technological breakthroughs. It was an innovative era that ushered us into where we presently stand with technology.


AOL Instant Messenger was the most popular instant messenger of its time. AOL Instant Messenger was an online messaging service that allowed you to communicate with anyone who had the service. It was basically what texting is today, except it could only be done from your computer.


AOL Instant Messenger was pretty iconic. It’s a solid nostalgic staple for the “I grew up in the 90’s” starter pack.


Unfortunately, AOL Instant Messenger will officially be a thing of the past on December 15. Although most of us have already completely forgotten instant messenger and adopted to a more evolved way of communication, such as text messages and social media platforms. It’s still kind of sad to see AOL Instant Messenger go.


Apparently, AOL which is now called Oath Inc., is looking to move on to more advanced forms of tech. As of now, there isn’t an already invented replacement for instant messenger.


AOL Instant Messenger was everything when it was popular. It will always be remembered as one of the first forms of social media that sparked all the platforms that came after.