Apple Talks iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus , and The New Apple Watch Series 2


Apple has done a great job staying relevant in the tech world by creating more than just products, but creating an experience.

This week Apple revealed its fall product line which includes, the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Airpods, and an Apple Watch 2 Series.

The prices for the iPhone 7 range from $600-$800

iPhone 7 Plus range from $700-$900

Airpods are being priced at $159

The Apple Watch Series 2 can range between $369-$1049

There has already been complaints about the upgrades and the prices.

While Apple is still leading in the tech field, users are becoming more and more critical of the changes Apple decides to make in the name of staying relevant and giving off that exclusive appeal.

So what can you expect from the iPhone 7,  iPhone 7 Plus, and the Apple Watch Series 2?

Longer battery life, stereo speakers, optical image stabilization and a six-element lens for the camera, water and dust resistant, and free headphones that will connect through the lightning port.

Also, you can expect Airpods, which are wireless headphones with speakers.

The Airpods will have infrared sensors and a W1 chip that connects the headphones to your other Apple devices. The battery life will last for 5 hours and the AirPods come with a case that holds 24 hours of charge.

The Apple Watch Series 2 will be water resistant, have a brighter screen, a built-in GPS that can run without the phone, Pokemon Go Apple Watch App, and it will be 50% than the Watch Series 1.

Are the prices worth it and are the upgrades something to brag to your mom about? Well, that all depends on you, the buyer. Apple has developed a reputation for giving us cool gadgets, did they drop the ball this time? And an even better question, will you be pre-ordering the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, or the Apple Watch Series 2?