As The Season Changes, December’s Winter Solstice Begins


The official first day of winter is here.  It may or may not be winter cold where you are, but here in Atlanta, it’s probably at a chill type of cold. It hasn’t reached unbearable levels of coldness quite yet, and we may not even experience a typical winter this season, but who knows? Atlanta’s weather is also pretty unpredictable.

So now that the new season is among us, and Christmas is just around the corner, it would be the perfect time to start preparing for your “new year, new me” self. The new year, new me concept isn’t taken too seriously because so many people start on that tip but never seem to actually carry it out.

However, there’s always some who actually take the tip and run with it, and these people are usually the ones who have successful years. And new year, new me doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change your entire life, but it’s more about making the necessarily improvements on certain aspects of yourself and your life. It’s all about growing and getting better.

Take this time to think about how you are going to bring in your new year, start thinking about those resolutions. The winter is here. The holidays are here. Stay warm. Stay loved. And prosper my friends.