Beyonce Breaks The Internet With Pregnancy News

(via Beyonce Instagram)

February 1st will now always be known as the day Beyonce announced to the world that she and hubby Jay Z were having twins. The beehive went absolutely wild when Bey randomly released this news.

Of course, no one had any idea she was even pregnant. Beyonce and Jay Z has always done a pretty good job at keeping their personal lives private, which can be pretty hard for celebrities with their kind of fame. However, they continue to pull it off.

Apparently, Beyonce’s news of being pregnant with twins is major news. Once she posted her pregnancy photo on her Instagram page, the photo went into mass circulation. This massive hype and extreme level of interest in Beyonce’s baby news, may or may not be alarming but if you let the beehive tell it, they are just being the loyal fans they are, as they support their queen during this time.

Congrats Beyonce and Jay Z, looks like Blue Ivy will be getting hit double time with the big sister duties.