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Black Mirror is the British television series everyone’s currently talking about. Imagine a 2016 Twilight Zone and you pretty much get Black Mirror.

The series presents a mixture of dark/horror, sci-fi, and satirical stories that all share the common theme of ‘modern technology’.

The anthology draws the attention to how big of a role technology plays in everyday life. It shows real life scenarios, and while it may seem slightly exaggerated depending on how you actually view technology today, the stories really makes you think about our dependency on cell phones, social media, and other modern forms of technology.

Social media and the internet in general, has a strong affect on the minds, emotions, and behaviors of people, and the more we use it, the more we are able to see those effects. Black Mirror definitely dives deep into this subject and doesn’t hold back from really exposing how technology has started to chip away at people’s humanity.

Netflix is currently streaming season 3 of the show. Created by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror will surely have you rethinking technology, if you weren’t already.

In today’s society most of us probably spend way more time plugged in online, than genuinely engaging and connecting with people in person, and we wonder why everyone seem so disconnected from ourselves and each other.

Black Mirror is definitely a must watch if you haven’t already gotten hooked on the British anthology series. You can check out all 3 seasons right now on Netflix.