Emmett Till’s name is embedded within the history of all the unjust acts and inhumane treatment Black Americans have had to face and fight for years. It’s the same fight we continue to face today.

In 1955, a 14-year-old boy named Emmett Till was killed. Why? Because Carolyn Bryant claimed he whistled at her. After her claim, Till was murdered by her husband Roy Bryant and his brother J.W. Milam days later. The image of Till’s lifeless distorted body, will forever be a reminder of the racism America was built on.

So why is Till’s story being revisited in 2017? Apparently, author Timothy Tyson interviewed Bryant for his book The Blood of Emmet Till, and according to him, she admitted that Emmet Till had never made any advances at her. In fact, she claims to not even remember what happened that night. Carolyn Bryant was 72 at the time of the interview, she is now 82-years-old.

Why did she feel the need to keep the fact that she lied a secret for so long? Should she be forgiven for finally confessing? Is this her attempt to clear her conscience before she takes her last breath?

Well if the recanting of her story doesn’t prove anything else, it definitely reveals how invaluable black life seem to be to White America. It’s actually amazing that she was able to live with herself for so long. It’s also interesting how all of this is coming out right before the release of the book.

Tyson found out this information in 2007, when he originally interviewed Bryant. Why is he just revealing this information?

We all knew Carolyn Bryant lied, so this information doesn’t really come as a surprise to the black community. All this is really doing is opening up a wound that never truly healed in the first place.

Bryant whereabouts are being kept from the public according to reports. Go figure.

May Emmett Till’s soul continue to rest in peace.