Childish Gambino Gets It Right With New Atlanta FX TV Series


There’s been a lot of talk surrounding Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover’s new show Atlanta.

The previews for the show definitely created a lot of buzz, so of course we all tuned in for its premiere. Atlanta’s debuted its first episode on September 6th on FX. The comedy-drama turned out to definitely be worth all the hype. Atlanta shows a pretty accurate depiction of ATL. Those who are actually from the city, know all too well how often Atlanta is so poorly represented within mainstream media these days, so Gambino’s show is refreshingly needed.

Glover used all black writers and created such a relatable and realistic storyline.  

You can see Atlanta in every character. Every detail of the plot gives you an Atlanta vibe. If you are familiar with the city, you will know exactly what that means. From the cousin who raps, the college dropout, to the situationship between Earn and his baby mother, we all may know a person or story like this in real life, out here in these Atlanta streets.

It will be exciting to see where Gambino decides to take the story, so we will definitely be tuned in every Tuesday at 10pm on FX.

If you missed the premiere, don’t worry, we got you covered:

written by Chandra Meadows of POP ATL