Chris Brown Arrested After Standoff with LAPD


The 27-year-old entertainer Chris Brown is once again involved in controversy. The story is still under development, but he allegedly pulled a gun out on a woman named Baylee Curran, who was a visitor in his home. According to Curran, Brown was in a “violent rage” when he pulled the gun out on her, which eventually led to her running out of the house.

The police was called by neighbors and according to reports, the 911 call alerted the authorities that Chris Brown had attacked a woman. Chris Brown took to Instagram while LAPD was outside of his house, to profess his innocence and to express how fed up he was with the police messing with him.

Over the years, Chris Brown has developed a bad boy reputation, or has had one created for him, depending on how you look at it. Since the Rihanna incident back in 2009, Chris Brown has been under the microscope and given this “bad boy” persona. Is the LAPD picking on him because of his history, or is he really the bad boy everyone has painted him out to be?

In Hip Hop, it’s pretty much a given that you will be placed under law enforcement’s radar if you draw enough attention to yourself. Chris Brown made sure to post videos stating his innocence, but did they help or hurt his case? After the “standoff”, LAPD finally made it into Brown’s home and arrested him. He was eventually released shortly after.

As far as Baylee Curran, the woman who accused him of an assault, some sketchy things about her past has surfaced, which is leading many to question how true the allegations are.

Is this a case of someone trying to get their 15 minutes of fame, or did Chris Brown really do that which he is being accused of? Right now it seems to be a he said, she said situation.  Hopefully, Chris Brown will make better decisions on who he choose to let inside of his home from here on out.