Comcast Is Being Fined For Overcharging Customers


Comcast Corporation, the popular cable, internet, and phone service provider is being fined by the government for $2.3 million.

The corporation is being accused of charging customers for equipment and services they never ordered. Comcast has had a history with bad customer care performance, so this may come as no surprise to those who have had an experience with the company.

Travis LeBlanc, head of the Federal Communications Commission's Enforcement Bureau stated, “It is basic that a cable bill should include charges only for services and equipment ordered by the customer -- nothing more and nothing less. We expect all cable and phone companies to take responsibility for the accuracy of their bills and to ensure their customers have authorized any charges."

This is the largest fine penalty imposed on a cable service provider to date, although the fine probably won’t leave a big dent in the $8 billion made by corporation last year.

Comcast representatives have stated that basically the charges were due to misunderstandings between customers and workers and they are working to improve their customer service.

written by Chandra Meadows for POP ATL