(photo cred: Bet.com)

Wu-tang’s RZA is executive producer of the television adaption of Black Samurai. And while it is still in development stages, Common has already been casted to play the leading role as Robert Sand. Robert Sand is trained by a Japanese Samurai master, who is killed by terrorists, which begins Sand’s journey to avenging the death of his friend and teacher.

Andre Gaines, the producer of Black Samurai, called Common, “the next great American actor.”

This RZA and Common collaboration of Hip hop and martial arts will be interesting to watch. You can also catch Common in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie and John Wick 2. Perhaps Common is aiming to take over the Hollywood acting scene and leave his mark just as he has within the rap industry.

Gaines has said the role of Robert Sand is like a “black Jason Bourne.” So we can expect to see Common showing off some bad ass martial art moves. Black Samurai is currently being shopped to different networks, hopefully we can expect to see the TV series out very soon.

(photo cred: croogles.com)

written by Chandra Meadows for POP ATL