Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro Gone at 90 Years-Old


The Cuban state television announced Fidel Castro’s death on Friday (11/15).

The controversial political Cuban leader, ruled Cuba for 49 years. His views were socialistic in nature and he defied the United States on all aspects. He was viewed as a dictator to some and as a political hero to others.

Castro was a graduate of the University of Havana, where he received a doctorate in law in 1950. However, politics would end up being the foundation for which he built his legacy on. In 1953, after organizing a rebellion against the current Cuban government at the time (Batista), Castro and his brother unsuccessfully went up against the regime. This attack landed them in prison. They were sentenced to 15 years, however, they were released in 1955 due to an amnesty deal.

Castro became prime minister of Cuba in 1959. He ended up leading a revolution on the lands of Cuba, and had many supporters. But he didn’t make many friends with governments that valued democracy. Cuba and the United states were constantly at odds during his rule. [see Cuban Missile Crisis]


It is said that Castro has always had just as many supporters as he had enemies. Even Nelson Mandela supported him. There can be good and bad found within the history of his rule. In 2001, he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.


Fidel Castro handed his power over to his brother in 2006 after becoming ill.

The legacy of Fidel Castro is definitely something that will always be remembered in history, by his opposers and by those who held him in high regard.