Cuffing Season: 5 Ways To Keep A Relationship Flourishing


It’s cuffing season, which means relationships are hot commodity right now. Tis the season to get you a ‘boo’ or ‘bae’ for the upcoming holidays, so here’s 5 essential things that will definitely help establish or maintain an already found love connection:

  1. Communication. This is VERY important. Why? Because having the lines of communication open with your mate cuts out a lot of unnecessary mishaps. Being able to openly discuss issues makes the bond stronger. If you do not like something, say it. If you love something, say it. If you are unsure on whether you like it or not, say it. It’s as simple as that. Be vocal with your partner. You should be able to discuss everything without it feeling weird or awkward. If you establish this in the beginning, you will be eliminating a lot of future headaches and misunderstandings.
  2. Compromise. Remember a relationship consists of two individuals. Therefore it will never be ONLY about you and frankly, if you are one of “those people”, maybe a relationship is not for you.  You cannot be selfish. If your man wants to watch football games all day Sunday after treating you out to an amazing date Saturday night, let him. If your woman wants to sit and tell you about her day after slaving over a hot stove to make you dinner, let her. Relationships are about giving and receiving. Each person should compromise. It’s healthy and it builds a strong partnership, which is what a relationship really is overall.
  3. Keep your individuality.  Most people get into relationships and completely forget they are individuals. Interdependence relationships should not get confused with just flat out dependence. Both parties should be benefiting. Don’t jump into a relationship and forget about what you established prior. You should do things separately sometimes. Being around someone ALL of the time will get annoying for anyone. Besides, being apart builds up the anticipation until the moment you are reunited again. Hang out with your friends, have “me “time, and give each other space. Don’t forget to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself.  Therefore, if the relationship doesn’t work out you will feel less like “the world has ended as I know it, so I cannot go on”, and more like “my relationship has ended, it sucks, but the show must go on”.  Falling in love with someone doesn’t mean you have to fall out of love with yourself.
  4. Be Spontaneous.   Routines become boring.  There’s no excitement in doing the same things over and over again. Being consistent is important, but it is also important to stray away from the plan occasionally. Many relationships fail just out of boredom, or lack of excitement. People get tired of things being predictable. For the control freaks out there, sometimes it is nice to not have a plan and to not know what will happen next.  It can be as big as waking up one morning and going on an unplanned road trip, or as little as exploring a new part of the city, or trying out a new restaurant. After being around someone for a while things could become dull. Just keep things interesting.
  5. That Sex Word. Yes, sex is always a factor and is always important. We were created sexual beings. Sex is a form of expression. It is a physical way to show someone how you feel. Sex should be a team effort. Both parties’ objectives should be to please the other. This is not time to be selfish and not time for setting rules. Be willing to give and to receive pleasure. This is your time to physically show your significant other how much you appreciate him/her.



Relationships take work but you can have a happy ending. Just make sure that you are ready and willing to keep that magic going after cuffing season has passed.