The activist. The comedian. Dick Gregory.   

The iconic man who gave us unapologetic truths, full belly laughs, and a real perspective on the state of black America. Dick Gregory and Paul Mooney were set to have a couple shows in Atlanta but Dick Gregory ended up in the hospital on August 12. Unfortunately, Mr. Dick Gregory never made it out. He passed away in Washington at age 84.

His son, Christian Gregory made an initial statement via social media saying:

"It is with enormous sadness that the Gregory family confirms that their father, comedic legend and civil rights activist Mr. Dick Gregory departed this earth tonight in Washington, DC," Christian Gregory wrote. "The family appreciates the outpouring of support and love and respectfully asks for their privacy as they grieve during this very difficult time. More details will be released over the next few days."

While anytime a life moves on from here, it can be a hard thing to cope with for those left behind, Dick Gregory’s life can still be celebrated even after life. Who he was and what we did will forever be nothing short of a classic. He was a legend simply because he was able to be himself. He spoke on subjects that were hard subjects to openly discuss, and he put his own comedic twists on them too. He gave us laughter and made truth his punchlines.

Dick Gregory will be missed.

Christian Gregory took to social media once again and shared his reflections on his father’s life and what happened leading up to his death. 

Check it out below.

I was probably 25-years-old before I realized my father called many people champ. I was clearly paying attention yet I never heard it other than when he was calling me. One of his finest gifts was the ability to make you sit up and pay attention. For a week, I watched my father cause some of the sharpest medical minds to sit up and pay attention. What began a little over a week ago as a simple Urinary Tract Infection wrecked havoc on my father's slim frame. Events were set in motion that ultimately proved to be too much. A bifurcated thoracic aortic aneurysm ultimately was too big a blow. For a lifetime, my father took all the hits, however, this hit was too much. A life heavily sacrificed had ultimately taken its toll. Years of severe fasting, not for health but for social change, had damaged his vasculature system long ago. He always reminded us, many of his fasts were not about his personal health but an attempt to heal the world. A routine few days in the hospital suddenly turned dire. My father transitioned encircled by his family in love. It was actually purifying and a blessing to bear witness to unbridled familial love and peaceful understanding. For a week, my family stood 24 hour vigil over our father, even when it appeared routine. Way too much laughter for a hospital room I am certain. From comedy to civil rights to a life dedicated to equality, he never waned. Immeasurable generational sacrifice. A transformative block buster comedian who obliterated the color line. He quickly realized that the inequities and travesties of life were no laughing matter. There is no question humanity is better for it, we will allow his legendary history to stand for itself. Generations will delve into his sacrifice, comedic genius, focus and aptitude. For now, we simply want to reflect on his Service and Grace.  Civil Rights, Women's Rights, children's Rights, Human Rights, Disabled Rights, Animal Rights. Dick Gregory's DNA is virtually on every movement for fairness and equality for all livings things on this planet. He was rarely one to rest and never one to stop championing for peace. Hopefully now he may find some semblance of them both. (Cont.)

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