Dave Chappelle Will Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ For The First Time

(via huffingtonpost.com)

On November 12th, comedian Dave Chappelle will be hosting SNL (Saturday Night Live) for the first time ever.

Why is this a big deal?

Well Dave Chappelle is pretty much a comedic genius for one, plus it’s cool to see Chappelle getting back out there, making people laugh, and doing his thing.

He’s left his mark in the world of stand-up, movies, and even in television with the iconic Chappelle Show.

The Chappelle Show series aired for the first time back in 2003 on Comedy Central and Chappelle gave us two full seasons of greatness. He had some great guest appearances and some epic recurring character roles from everyone from Charlie Murphy, to Wayne Brady, Paul Mooney, and Mos Def.

The show also had a few notable performance acts such as Common, Kanye West, Q-Tip, Erykah Badu, Snoop, John Mayer, Slum Village, and many others.

Dave Chappelle hosting SNL just may be yet another great moment in comedic history. He will even be sharing the stage with musical guests A Tribe Called Quest, which is perfect considering the group is also set to put out their newest and final album on November 11th.

Be sure to tune in for SNL on November 12th at 11:30pm on NBC to witness this legendary moment.


written by Chandra Meadows for POP ATL