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Drake has taken loyalty to whole new levels. He’s known to ink his idols, or those whom he admire, somewhere on his body to pay homage.

His latest ink creation is an image of Lil Wayne. It’s a fairly big image on his upper left arm. Lil Wayne did play a vital role in jumping off Drake’s music career, so there’s no surprise that he has so much appreciation for him.

Granted, it is kind of odd for a man to have another man tatted on his arm who is not a relative or deceased homeboy, but this is also Drake we are talking about. Drake has been defying what’s considered cool for a while now. He has been doing his own thing and not really caring what other people thought about it.

It’s cool that he still respects Wayne and hasn’t forgotten where he’s come from, and now he has a tatt to serve as a constant reminder.

Check out the original photo that inspired the tatt below.What are your thoughts on the tattoo?