Dylann Roof, Killer Charged in the 2015 Charleston Church Massacre Assaulted By Inmate

(photo via timesdaily.com)

22-year-old Dylann Roof made headlines back in 2015 after he went into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on June 17 and killed nine people.

According to the prosecutors, Roof planned the attack months leading up to the massacre. It was also said he chose the church specifically because it was a nationally known historically black church. Roof committed the hate fueled murders to ignite racial tension between African Americans and White Americans.

Roof is currently serving time as he potentially face the death penalty.  He is charged with nine counts of murder in state court and 33 counts, that includes hate crimes and religious rights violations, in federal court. His trial is set for November.

The murderer has made headlines once again due to him being recently assaulted by 26-year-old Dwayne Stafford. According to the statements made from the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, Roof was heading to shower and Stafford ran from his cell to where Roof was located and served him face and body shots. Roof only suffered minor bruises and he told his lawyer he did not want to press charges on Stafford. The incident is still under investigation.

However, once social media read the news reports, Stafford became a heroine of some sort. His actions are being seen as a commendable act of justice. People have even asked for Stafford’s information to be able to send him letters and to put money in his commissary. This is a very interesting plot twist in this story. It is unclear if Stafford’s issue with Roof had anything to do with him killing nine black people in a church, or if it was a personal reason. At this point, it probably doesn’t even matter, people are just happy he got at least a little taste of what he really deserves.


written by Chandra Meadows of POP ATL