Facebook Inc. is expanding its social platform and creating actual hardware.

Facebook video chat hasn’t been around that long but Mark Zuckerberg is already looking for ways to make it even more of an experience.

According to reports, there’s a video chat device being developed for home use. It will be a “lap-top sized touchscreen” equipped with artificially powered speakers, microphones, and camera lens.


Facebook Inc.  may even be partnering up with Apple to connect Siri’s voice assistant capabilities to the video chat device as well.

Technological advancements are always pretty cool but are the breakthroughs in technology connecting us more as humans, or forming a disconnection?


Apparently, the device will make it feel as if you are in the same room as whomever you are video chatting. How will this affect actual face-to-face encounters? We already have so many different virtual ways to stay in contact with family and friends, but they haven’t been that helpful in making people feel less alone.

The video chat device is still in its prototype stage but you can expect a release as early as next spring. Stay tuned.