Facebook Seeking To Expand World Wide Internet Connectivity With Drone


(via Wired)

Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg is on a new mission. Operation: World Wide Web Access is in full effect. According to reports, Facebook’s solar-powered drone was tested in Arizona, and the flight was a success.

Aquila, the drone created to bring the gift of the internet to the world, is still undergoing tests but results are looking promising.


“When Aquila is ready, it will be a fleet of solar-powered planes that will beam internet connectivity across the world. Today, more than half the world's population—four billion people—still can't access the internet. One day, Aquila will help change that,” Zuckerberg said via Facebook.

He is seeking to provide a solid internet connection for the masses, no matter where they are in the world. Zuckerberg is giving a literal meaning to world wide web. His goal is to use the drone Aquila to bring connectivity to the 4 billion people in the world without it.


“Connecting people through high-altitude solar-powered aircraft is an audacious goal, but milestones like this flight make the months of hard work worth it. In the coming months, we're excited to take the lessons from our successful second flight to continue the Aquila program's progress to help bring the world closer together through connectivity”, Martin Luis Gomez, Facebook’s director of aeronautical platforms wrote in a statement via Facebook.