Fake News and Mountain Dew

Everyday someone is misinformed by fake news. Circulating and consuming false news is an unfortunate result of any and everybody having access and a platform to produce whatever they would like to produce on the internet.

Fake headlines and news articles are tabloids of the internet, which why it is very important for people to double check the sources these articles are linked to before sharing. However, there’s a lot of people who just read the headlines and click share without a second thought or look. Reading is truly fundamental folks. Actually, reading articles can significantly decrease the amount of fake news being shared.

The latest headline to be shared pertained to Pepsico discontinuing Mountain Dew this year. The fake news originated from a prank site in 2015. While the link seemed pretty legit, it was nearly a prank masterminded by internet trolls courtesy of FeedNewz.

FeedNewz is a user created platform that allows you to produce fake content which redirects anyone who clicks the link to a “You Got Owned” page. These pranks end up going viral because people feel the need to prank others once they have pranked.

So no, Pepsico will not be discontinuing Mountain Dew. It was a prank.

This mass circulation of fake news should be discontinued. Always remember to check your sources before sharing.