GameStop has been the go-to store for all gamers whenever they have wanted to buy new and pre-owned games. The store may even let you exchange games if you come with a good enough exchange. GameStop's initial popularity has died down a bit and it seems the company has found a potentially brilliant solution. 


GameStop has now introduced a new aspect to your gaming experience. PowerPass is GameStop’s newest in-store rental feature that will allow you to rent video games through a six-month subscription. For $60, you will be able to rent used video games at any time. However, you can only check out one game at a time.


Also, this Blockbuster-like service is only available to GameStop’s Power-Up Rewards Members and all you have to do is create a Power-Up Rewards account.


According to reports, you will be able to sign-up for your PowerPass starting on November 19.