According to reports, gaming may be considered a mental disorder. Apparently, people are spending days online gaming and it’s becoming a major issue.

In 2018, The World Order Organization will be publishing its 11th International Classification of Diseases guidelines and “gaming disorder” is listed as a mental health condition.

“Use of the internet, computers, smartphones and other electronic devices has dramatically increased over recent decades. While the increase is associated with clear benefits to users, for example in real-time information exchange, health problems as a result of excessive use have also been documented," said Gregory Hartl, a spokesman for the WHO.


Gaming has been around for forever. The development of “gaming disorders” is interesting. However, it’s not that surprising considering that too much of anything can possibly harm you.


If anything, this is shining light on the fact that people need to find balance within their lives. Many people develop obsessions with the things that make them feel good, and gaming is no different.


Currently, there isn’t any official guidelines for how to deal with gaming disorders.